a Truly end-to-end service

Over the last two decades we have perfected the art of balancing the needs of production with making sure the neighbours have no cause for concern! We don’t just find the perfect location, we’ll liaise with residents, businesses, councils and authorities like the police and highways to ensure things run smoothly from day one.

We also negotiate fees, oversee contracts and permissions and sort the sometimes-forgotten logistics like unit and tech parking. So you can concentrate on what’s important.

In short, we’re hands-on, and we’re always steps ahead. So that when it comes to the location of your production, there’s zero-added stress from start to finish.


VW Just Drive

To highlight their innovative new SMS destination setting SatNav feature, VW briefed us to set up an experience where the drivers wouldn’t know where they were going or what they were going to see. This involved extensive road closures, police and traffic control and an extensive amount of security to make this potentially unpredictable shoot safe

The Tunnel

This shoot involved scouting several beach locations to find the perfect spot for the tail of the jet to sit on – along with the motion control rig with jib arm. We negotiated with a local farmer to facilitate access for the crew and gear using his tractors and telehandlers. Both rig and de-rig were a great success, all in the blazing sun.


Sky Football Idents

We have been working with Sky Football on their Ford-sponsored idents for nearly 15 years. This exposure to automotive shoots has enabled us to master numerous specialist in-motion techniques and technology – from tracking vehicles with telescopic arms and cranes to intricate car rigs and Russian arms. These shoots are often accompanied by plenty of administrative challenges such as rolling roadblocks and traffic management.

Sky Sports News HD

Stunts, high levels of control, complex H&SE requirements. Boats on the river at speed, helicopters, explosions etc

An oldie but a goodie! Stunts, explosions, helicopters, speedboats, celebrities… Fantastic. We lucked out with the weather but this was one of my favourite shoots. Great crew and some great locations and all shot before drones were in circulation.