20 Years shooting experience

We’re proud to say we have built an international network of trusted suppliers and expert contacts that allow us to provide exceptional still image production around the world. All tailored to suit your specific budget and vision.

We have offices in both London and Sydney from which we have produced photo shoots for everything from cars, fashion, models and children to animals, helicopters, boats and stunts.

Whatever shot you want, we can help capture it.


Check out some of our most recent on-brief, on-time and on-budget projects:


Ernst Alexander – Lerros

We had a great time hosting this crew from Germany including photographer Ernst Alexander. What a lovely bunch! We were based out of Holborn and shot several street locations as well as some bars and pubs.

Michael Blann – PWC

This was shot over three weeks in Norway and Svalbard for PWCs library. The aim was go capture large scale industry and the human impact. Oslo was relatively straight forward, and Svalbard was challenging mainly due to the cold as well as the changing day lengths; each day being half an hour longer than the last. Michael Blann shot some wonderful images and aside from the cold this was a very memorable shoot.


Richard Prescott – Defender

This challenging shoot in the rugged and remote surroundings of the Scottish Highlands meant transporting a range of cars, crew and equipment to some undeniably picturesque – but very hard to reach – locations. After an extensive recce, and despite being in the middle of nowhere, we managed to find the perfect flat shooting platform for our interior shots.

Trigger – Jaguar

Produced across three UK cities to a challenging brief, a short turnaround and tight budget, the resulting shots speak for themselves. We cast local models wherever possible and, thanks to an impressive team effort, the campaign is a credit to the talent of all involved.